Port of L.A. Submits $30 Million in Proposals for Round 5 Federal Grants

SAN PEDRO, Calif. -- Seeking to further enhance security measures at the nation's busiest port, the Port of Los Angeles has submitted grant proposals for a total of $30 million in Round 5 of the Department of Homeland Security Grant Program. Awards are expected to be announced by the end of September 2005.

"We submitted a very comprehensive grant application package that will fund several core programs to reduce the risk of security breaches," said Port Homeland Security Director George Cummings. "We are hopeful that this round of grants will be a very successful one for the Port of Los Angeles, and that a majority of our projects will be funded."

The latest round of security grants comes at a key time when the Port is implementing two new advanced security technologies: radiation portal monitors and SAFE(TM) (Secure Around Flotation Equipped) Boats. Radiation portal monitors are currently being installed at container terminals within the Port of Los Angeles by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Trucks leaving the terminals with containers pass through the monitors. If a container registers an abnormal radiation level, the truck carrying it is pulled aside for additional screening and inspection.

The Port's two SAFE(TM) boats, scheduled to arrive within weeks, are state-of-the-art $350,000 patrol boats similar to those used by the Coast Guard. The 31- and 36-foot boats will be operated by the Los Angeles Port Police and were purchased with security grant funds awarded in a previous round.

The Port's current grant application includes funding for surveillance and access control systems, port-wide security system networking, explosive detection equipment and the next phase of the Joint Container Inspection Facility. The Port's grant application package includes cost sharing by the Port of 25%, or $7.5 million.

The Port of Los Angeles is America's premier port. As the leading containerport in the nation and a critical hub in the international supply chain, the Port generates thousands of stable, well paying jobs. It has also placed a high priority on smart growth initiatives combined with high security, environmental stewardship and community outreach. The Port of Los Angeles is a proprietary, self-supporting department of the City of Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles... Anchoring a bright future.