New Council to Coordinate Global Approach to Biometrics

Officials from the Homeland Security Department and IBM Corp. are board members of the new International Biometric Advisory Council, established to foster development of common standards for privacy and interoperability among European, U.S. and global biometrics programs.

Robert Mocny, deputy director of DHS’ U.S. Visit, and Norbert Kouwenhoven, an IBM industry leader for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, are listed as members of the new 12-member council, which was introduced today by the European Biometrics Forum.

The new council will meet twice a year and will advise the biometrics forum. The forum was launched in Dublin, Ireland, in 2003 by nine major European biometrics companies with initial funding from the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union.

“The IBAC will be an invaluable forum for industry and governments worldwide to understand and respect the responsibility that goes along with the use of biometrics,” Mocny said in a statement. “We must be strong stewards of data protection if we hope to continue using biometrics to improve the safety and efficiency of travel.

<<Newsbytes -- 11/16/05>>