Panasonic Reorganizes, Security Systems Becomes Part of New Operations Group

In what has been described as a "global, corporate-wide initiative," Panasonic Corporation of North America has merged a group of its related technologies into one umbrella division, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (PSSA).

The new group includes previous company's divisions of Panasonic Security Systems, Vision Systems and Information Systems, plus the recently formed Corporate Systems division that includes the products like the Astrovision large-format LED displays, and digital signage products for retail applications.

"The continued evolution and convergence of voice, video and data technologies is changing the markets for business-to-business electronics on a global scale," said new PSSA President Frank DeFina in a prepared statement distributed to the press. "There is a growing demand for more advanced systems solutions on an enterprise level where all critical data and communications will eventually exist on a common platform. The formation of Panasonic System Solutions Company of America combines the diverse range of product technologies required to realize this goal and best serve the needs of our growing customer base."

Panasonic has said that the new PSSA group will combine efforts in the areas of sales, marketing, product development and support services. Panasonic's announcement said the new organization officially takes effect on April 1, 2005.