Student Charged in School Incident

Notebooks obtained from the Superior High School senior who allegedly told classmates Monday he could become the next school shooter included passages authorities found disturbing.

Zachary Ross Wick, 18, made an initial appearance in Douglas County Circuit Court Friday on misdemeanor charges of possessing a dangerous weapon on school premises, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"All I can seem to dig up is hatred, misunderstanding, regretment (sic) and ill feelings toward others," read one entry in Wick's notebook, according to the criminal complaint. "I have delusions, terrible items and thoughts about killing."

"The state is very concerned with the safety of himself (Wick) and others," District Attorney Dan Blank said during the hearing.

During his fourth-period class, Wick allegedly said, "I'd like to shoot up the school," according to the complaint. Wick then pointed to a 17-year-old male classmate, saying he would be shot first, the classmate told Superior police.

Two students who heard the comments reported them immediately to school liaison officer Tom Johnson, according to the complaint. Wick allegedly asked to leave class and went to principal Kent Bergum's office, the complaint stated.

The suspect told Bergum that he told a classmate that, as a freshman, students said he would likely be a school shooter, according to the complaint. Wick said his 17-year-old classmate responded by saying, "Me first," the complaint noted.

Senior Preston Line, Wick's fourth-period classmate, said the suspect was joking.

"That's all it was," Line said in a telephone interview. "He goes, 'Why does everyone think I'm going to be the next one who shoots up the school?' "

Wick underwent a mental evaluation at a Duluth hospital following his arrest, according to Superior police.

Passages in Wick's notebooks allegedly made references to the film "Bowling for Columbine" and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Defense attorney Pat O'Neill said words written about "Bowling for Columbine" in Wick's notebook were notes from a class assignment that required students to watch and talk about the film.

A fourth-period class roster and a hand-drawn seating chart were also found in the notebooks. Line said the seating chart was for a class assignment.

From Wick's backpack acquired from the classroom, assistant principal Steve Olson found a pocket knife with a 3-inch blade, the complaint stated. He also discovered a screwdriver and 6-inch pick tool, each coated with a black residue later found to be burnt marijuana resin, according to the complaint.

Wick appeared in court with a hard cast on his right arm. He told police that he punched his brother-in-law in the head and broke bones in his hand that required surgery, the complaint said.

Lucci set $400 cash bail for Wick. He is scheduled for a pretrial Dec. 14 at2:10 p.m. and for trial Jan. 9 at 10:30 a.m.

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