LP Managers Work to Shut Down a Major Shoplifting Operation in Oregon

Retailers say police ignored reports about theft scheme that involved local second-hand stores

The Police Bureau's failure to go after the black market confounded security managers at big retailers such as Best Buy.

After he had given up on getting help from police, Malone said he walked into a secondhand store, where he spotted video games and gadgets with the yellow Best Buy tags.

Brad Lebowsky, who left the general manager position at the Northeast Portland Best Buy last month after nearly two years, said he complained "very regularly" to Portland police, including once to a secondhand-shop detective.

"They knew what was going on but didn't seem to do anything," Lebowsky said.

At that point, Lebowsky said, "we took our own internal action, locked stuff up. We didn't deal with the problem, we just tried to circumvent it."