Brink's Home Security Hits Its Millionth Customer

You knew they were big, but one million customers? Brink's Home Security passed that major milestone on Oct. 8, 2005, the company announced today, with a new customer in the Boston metro area.

Edward and Laurie Stolarz were recognized in a special ceremony on Nov. 5, 2005, that saw the delivery of a $10,000 check (brought in by the company's armored truck division, of course) donated in the couple's name to the American Cancer Society.

Bob Allen, president of Brink's Home Security , made the presentation. The company started in Portland, Ore., in 1983, and has now expanded around the U.S. and Canada, predominantly in metropolitan areas. By hitting their millionth customer after 22 years, Brink's Home Security has averaged a growth rate of over 45,000 customers per year.