Ethanol Plant Proposed At Port Manatee

U.S. EnviroFuels, which last month postponed plans for an ethanol distillery at the Port of Tampa, said it will make a proposal to Port Manatee on Thursday to build a $65 million to $70 million distillery there in the next two years.

The plan at Port Manatee does not preclude proceeding with company's original plan at the Port of Tampa, EnviroFuels president Bradley Krohn said Friday. "We have been working in private with Port Manatee for 18 months," Krohn said. "We never intended for Port Manatee to compete with the Port of Tampa."

EnviroFuels would blend 10 percent ethanol with 90 percent gasoline to create a product that sells for 7 to 10 cents a gallon less than regular gasoline. Krohn said the Tampa-based company might resume discussions with the Port of Tampa in six months if all goes quickly at Port Manatee.