Major Industrial Park Project Proposed for Monticello, Ill.

100-acre tract would be used for distribution, potential for building of over 1 million s.f.

Martin said she could support a project that brings in tax revenue.

"As an individual and county board member, I would like to see it happen, providing it goes on the tax rolls," Martin said.

She also expressed concerns about many trucks rolling along the adjacent state road, Old Route 47, which winds past a scenic county park and several subdivisions.

Pricco said the kind of business he hopes to attract would have 100 to 200 trucks loading and unloading each day. He thinks the trucks would mostly drive straight onto the interstate.

Hetrick said she thinks the development will be a win-win situation for Piatt County communities and the businesses involved.

"Any place needs workers," Hetrick said. "Hopefully, they will live in our community and shop in the community. They will have more children to make the schools viable. If you can put money in people's pockets, they are going to spend it in your community. If we have to do a TIF for that to happen, we'll do it."