Long Island Communities Face Higher False Alarm Fines

According to a recent report in the Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot, several Long Island, N.Y., communities will face higher false alarm fees. The communities served by the Old Brookville Police Department will face a new false alarm fee schedule.

The previous schedule was as follows:

First false alarm: free/no charge.
Second false alarm: $10
Third false alarm: $20
Fourth false alarm: $40
Fifth false alarm: $60
Sixth false alarm: $60
Seventh false alarm: $80
Eighth false alarm: $80
Ninth false alarm: $100
Tenth false alarm: $100

However, the new law spells out that the first two alarms will not cost the alarm owner anything, but that the third false alarm will cost the owner $50, and fourth and later false alarms will be subject to a $100 fine.

The law is set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2005, and will be applicable to all communities using the Old Brookville Police services, including: Old Brookville, Brookbille, Upper Brookville, Cove Neck, Mill Neck, Muttontown and Matinecock.

According to the report in the Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot, the increase in fees was due in part to a high number of false alarm calls and to the need to raise awareness to the issue of false alarms.