City of Pasadena Turns to False Alarm Ordinance

On October 19, the city of Pasadena, Texas' police department turned to a new false alarm ordinance that charges fines after three false alarms in a year.

The city's new ordinance also allows the right for police to revoke the alarm system permit after "excessive" false alarms.

Fines are set as such: $50 each for fourth and fifth false alarms, $75 each for sixth and seventh false alarms, $100 for the eight false alarm. The permit is revoked following the eight false alarm, and the city plans to stop responding to businesses or residences with more than seven false alarms next year.

The city is also requiring that alarm companies go to an enhanced call verification (ECV) system where two calls are put in to attempt to confirm or deny the presence of a real break-in before alerting police to respond. The city is also prohibiting central station monitoring companies from using systems that call police with an automated or pre-recorded message.

Sgt. MD Cunningham is handling the city PD's Code Enforcement Division and can be reached via email at mdcunningham@cipasadena.tx.u s for questions about the ordinance.

Information from The (Pasadena, Texas) Citizen Reporter.