Australia's Qantas Sacks Security Manager Amid Airport Controversy

SYDNEY, June 2 (AFP) - Qantas Airways revealed Thursday it had sacked a security manager, as controversy rages over the actions of personnel at Australia's airports.

A Qantas spokeswoman said the security manager had been sacked following an internal investigation.

"We have terminated the contract of a security manager," she said.

"He joined us from Ansett and his contract was terminated as a result of an ongoing internal investigation."

She did not specify why the security manger was sacked. Qantas made the announcement after local media reported he had been sacked on May 20.

The dismissal comes after a leaked internal customs report revealed that staff at Sydney airport were involved in drug smuggling, theft and posed terrorism threats.

The issue of airport staff stealing from passengers' luggage hit national headlines in April when a traveller complained that he saw a baggage handler driving around on the tarmac wearing a camel costume which had been packed in his bag.

Lawyers for convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, now serving a 20-year term in an Indonesian jail, have claimed that the 4.1 kilograms (nine pounds) of marijuana found in her baggage were placed there by corrupt baggage handlers working for a domestic drug ring.