SIA Seeks to Standardize Systems Integrators' Skills

SIA, the Security Industry Association, wants integrator training to be standardized. And it's not just saying that; they're putting an RFP where there mouth is.

The organization, known for playing host to the ISC shows, has announced that it is planning to create a standard of training in the industry. As part of the process, the Systems Integration Industry Group (SIIG) of SIA is currently asking for proposals for companies to build a web-based training program for integrators that would cover the full gamut of employees, including installers, technician and designers.

The goal, says SIA, is that end-users and consultants will be able choose an integrator based on a standard set of knowledge and skills that would have been taught and tested in the SIA program.

Already got the skills and don't want to go back to school? According to SIA's early plans, "those who already possess the necessary skills will be able to test for the certification without having to complete the training." The training will be part of a future certification that has been tentatively titled the Security Systems Design Specialist (SSDS).

If your company wishes to be involved in process of developing the program, you can see proposal requirements on the SIA website here.

SIA's Manager of Industry Groups Doug Wright will be accepting the proposals (deadline is Dec. 2, 2005). He can be reached via email at; proposals can also be mailed to SIA's offices at 635 Slaters Lane, Suite 110, Alexandria, VA 22314.