Detroit Mayor Allegedly Violated Officer' Rights

Mayoral guard protected by state's Whistleblower Protection Act for exposing misuses

Brown, Nelthrope and former police officer Walt Harris have since accused Kilpatrick of having extra-marital affairs. Brown said he was fired to keep him from uncovering an affair between the mayor and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty.

Beatty and Kilpatrick have said under oath that they do not have a romantic relationship.

The mayor has told reporters that Brown, Nelthrope and Harris "will say anything to get money...They want the taxpayer dollars and we're refusing to give it."

Harris, a former mayoral bodyguard, has filed a separate lawsuit against the city.

On Tuesday, Nelthrope blamed Kilpatrick for his retirement, ending a 19-year police career.

"He took that from me," Nelthrope said, adding that he still worries that he will be retaliated against by former colleagues on the mayor's security team who were angered by his allegations.

"It's not an easy thing to deal with day by day," he said. "I still can't let my guard down. That would be totally foolish to do that."

Stefani said he will ask jurors to consider the cost of relocating Nelthrope and his family as they deliberate over how much to award him.

"Nelthrope has to leave town," he said, "We've got an expert calculating what it will cost him to move."

A jury is scheduled to begin hearing Brown and Nelthrope's suit May 2.