Dominican Republic to Build Several Airports

The Dominican Republic's government aims to build "several" airports near its border with Haiti, the governmental website reported.

"We are studying possible airports at Monte Cristi, Elias Pina and Pedernales on the border, along with Constanza within the country's Cordillera Central [central mountain] region," Will Sepulveda, assistant director of the national airport authority, told BNamericas.

Airports at Elias Pina and Constanza would be mostly for transport and export of agricultural production, while those at Monte Cristi and Pedernales would be mainly for local tourism, he added.

The airport at Elias Pina would have to be completely new, while the other three airports already have a landing strip that would need to be rehabilitated and would require additional infrastructure, he said.

The studies are in the very beginning stages, Sepulveda said, and if deemed feasible tenders will be called in the mid-term.

"The government's main goal in these areas is to provide for sustainable development so that... [inhabitants] feel safe at home and don't migrate to cities and urban centers," border development director Olgo Fernandez said in the statement.