Florida Mall Security Guard Identifies Suspect of Attempted Murder

A Pompano Beach, Fla., man has been charged with attempted murder after police say he slashed the arm of a mall security guard.

Jackson Camil, 37, was arrested Thursday after James Meador, 51, of Davie, picked his photograph out of a lineup.

The slashing happened Nov. 6 after Meador, a security guard at the Pompano Square Mall, 2001 N. Federal Hwy., spotted a man sleeping on the ground behind a Burdines store.

Meador told the man to leave, then drove away in his patrol car.

Later on, Meador checked behind the Burdines and again found the man sleeping.

He roused the man and told him to leave.

The man told Meador he had a bad back and needed help getting up.

When Meador reached down to help him, the man grabbed his arm and slashed it with something sharp, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Meador, his arm gashed open, jumped back. The slasher tried to cut his neck and stomach, but missed.

''It was coldblooded and calculated,'' said Hugh Graf, a BSO spokesman.

As the slasher ran away, Meador called the Broward Sheriff's Office and gave deputies a good description of him, Graf said.

On Thursday, a BSO deputy arrested Jackson Camil for loitering and prowling in Pompano Beach. He matched the description of the slashing suspect, and Meador later picked him out of a photo lineup.

Camil is being held without bond at Broward County's Main Jail. He is charged with attempted murder.

Meador was treated for his wound at North Broward Medical Center.