Security Snafu Shuts Parts of Fla. Airport

MIAMI -- Passengers on several flights were ordered off their planes and four concourses were cleared when a software glitch projected the image of a weapon on airport security screening equipment, a Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman said Friday.

After more than 90 minutes, officials realized the problem was with the imaging equipment and not an actual security breach at Miami International Airport, said TSA spokeswoman Lauren Stover.

There "appeared to be an object that was questionable," Stover said. "There was in actuality no weapon that penetrated the screening checkpoint."

Screening checkpoints were temporarily shut down and hundreds of people on planes and in half the airport's concourses were ordered to go through repeat screenings.

Passenger movement was restricted on concourses where gates are located for American Airlines and 11 foreign carriers primarily serving Latin America.

"I'm sweating, it's frustrating, but better safe than sorry," said passenger Mari-Carmen Pina, 24.