Electronic Device with Cover Including a RFID Module

Patent Number 6816083
Issue Date 2004 11 09
Inventor(s) Brandt, Jan
State/Country FIX

Title: Electronic device with cover including a radio frequency indentification module

Abstract: A cover member for an electronic device, the cover member having a secure radio frequency identification (RFID) module within it, an electronic device including such a cover member, and a system including such an electronic device for authorizing providing of goods or services. If desired, the circuitry of the electronic device can supplement that of the RFID module, enabling storage, display and control of transactions enabled by the RFID module. Exmp. Claim 1 Ex Claim text A device, comprising: first and second outer cover parts which enclose an electronic module and a radio frequency module by the parts fitting together, the electronic module including a battery; the radio frequency identification module being placed between the electronic module and one of said cover parts, an input/output unit incorporated within one of said parts, including a memory storing identification information identifying said radio frequency identification module; and wherein said radio frequency identification module being connectable to a processor of said electronic module, enabling said processor to respond to receipt by said input/output unit of an interrogation signal by applying to said input/output unit an identification signal based on said stored identification information for output of said identification signal to a source of goods or services.