Method and System for a Policy Enforcing Module

Patent Number 6816965
Issue Date 2004 11 09
Inventor(s) Moore, Charles R. J.
O'Connor, Peter V.
State/Country AUX

Title: Method and system for a policy enforcing module

Abstract: A programmable policy module (PPM) allows a user to configure specific policy elements available from a software application, in order to meet a particular assurance level. The policy will then be enforced by the PPM to meet a target set of policy requirements. In one embodiment, the PPM provides the linkage between the certificate policy identified in an X.509 certificate extension, and the execution of a module that enforces the specific policy elements during the process of digital certificate registration. The PPM can execute at the Registration Authority (RA) in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and can permit enforcement of the policy elements in the Certificate Policy (CP) which governs the operations of the RA. Exmp. Claim 1 Ex Claim text A method for automated policy enforcement during issuance of a certificate by a PKI component, comprising the steps of: receiving one or more interface commands in a policy enforcing module; and automatically enforcing, with the policy enforcing module, a policy governing issuance of the certificate in response to said one or more interface commands.