Vermont to Require Carbon Monoxide Detection

Vermont Governor James Douglas signed a law Wednesday that would require detectors in single-family homes, new homes and apartments.

The bill will mandate the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in single-family homes at the time of sale, new homes and all apartments July 1; in public buildings where people sleep Oct. 1; and in some other public buildings where people do not sleep Nov. 1.

In January a carbon monoxide leak at the Redstone Apartments complex for University of Vermont students killed one person and sickened nine others.

Rep. Ann Pugh, D-South Burlington, who introduced House legislation mandating carbon monoxide detectors in residences, said state legislators discussed concerns that some Vermonters would be unable to pay for detectors when the bill becomes law.

"For the tiny burden and small cost of a carbon monoxide detector, we can save many lives," Pugh said. The soon-to-be-signed state law will make Vermont "a safer place to go to sleep at night," she said.