Security Networks Acquires Marlin Central Monitoring

Richard Perry, president and CEO of Security Networks, has announced that the company has acquired Marlin Central Monitoring of Kissimmee, Fla. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Perry said that the acquisition will appear to be "transparent" to dealers and customers of the company. The acquisition is designed to leave Marlin Central Monitoring operating as an independent division, with the same staff on board and in the existing facility.

Marlin, a UL-listed station, features automated redundant operations, with two-way voice controls, video monitoring and video verification services. Marlin's president Barry Brannon will continue to be involved following the acquisition, serving on the company's senior management team as the vice president of business development. As part of the acquisition, Security Networks has hired Paul Anderson to serve as the vice president of core operations for the station.

Security Networks was founded in April 2000 by Perry, who has been involved for a number of years in the integration, monitoring and acquisitions.

Perry, a long-time veteran of the industry with multi-faceted experience including monitoring, manufacturing, finance, acquisitions as well as commercial fire and systems integration, founded Security Networks in April 2000.

Perry said that Marlin is part of an overall company plan of Security Networks to create a diversified company involved in all aspects of the security business. The company currently has more than 5,000 customers and operates largely in the Southeast, with offices in Florida and North Carolina. According to statements from the company, Security Networks goal is to have recurring revenues of $2 million within a period of five years.

"Security Networks is executing a growth strategy that includes the acquisition of account bases and value added services and strategic partnerships with dealers," said Perry in a statement. "One of our objectives was to own a world class monitoring facility. That's where Marlin Central Monitoring fits in," Perry said.