Roselle, Ill., Gets Serious about Alarm Permits, False Calls

The Chicago Daily Herald has reported that Roselle, Ill., owners of alarm systems will have to register their alarm systems with the village's officials starting in 2005.

Officials passed the ordinance on Monday night requiring all alarm system owners to register their systems with the Roselle police department. The fee is a $50 for a first-time registration, and $25 for following years. The permit applies to homeowners and business owners who use private security companies for monitoring.

Village officials also are getting more serious about alarm system owners who are late in paying fines for false alarms. The village allows three false alarms per year, but over that, charges per offence. At Monday's meeting, officials decided that delinquent payers will be required to go to traffic court, and may be levied fines between $50 and $500. The village police chief said that 99 percent of all alarm calls in Roselle are considered false alarms.