Homeland Security Trailer Robbed of Riot Gear, Replica Guns

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A thief stole riot gear and several replica guns from a trailer owned by the Department of Homeland Security, police said.

The theft occurred from a trailer parked in a hotel parking lot late Wednesday or early Thursday. No arrests were immediately made, police said.

Replica Beretta 9 mm handguns, gas masks, training batons, riot helmets and suits, various types of radio equipment and plastic restraint devices were taken, said Bloomington police Capt. Joe Qualters.

"There is a concern that these stolen items - especially the replica handguns - could be modified and used in the commission of other crimes or that someone might misrepresent themselves as a law enforcement officer," Qualters said.

Homeland Security personnel were in the city for training sessions with local authorities, Qualters said.

Most of the equipment was packed in royal blue and black nylon utility bags, he said. Two large black plastic storage boxes containing equipment were also missing.

Investigators were asking local merchants to watch for any of the items and to contact them if any of the equipment turns up in their stores.