Report: Suspects Caught in Anti-Terror Sweep Plotted Against Paris Airport

PARIS (AP) - Authorities believe a suspected Islamic terror cell broken up in France was plotting attacks on the Paris subway, an airport and an intelligence agency's headquarters, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Police arrested nine people Monday in the sweep, including an Islamic militant previously convicted on terrorism charges and freed from prison two years ago, police officials said.

Le Figaro said the alleged cell's suspected targets included the Paris headquarters of the Directorate for Territorial Surveillance, a police intelligence and counterterrorism agency, as well as the Metro and an airport in the French capital.

The newspaper said the information was gathered a few weeks ago by a foreign police agency from a source. The newspaper did not identify the agency or the source, but said he claimed that the suspected cell had al-Qaida contacts and that some of its alleged members had knowledge of explosives.

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