Indianapolis Airport Reopens after Security Scare

INDIANAPOLIS -- Officials closed two of the Indianapolis International Airport's four concourses for a few hours Thursday after inspectors found what they believed to be a suspicious item in a passenger's carry-on bag.

Just before noon officials saw a cylindrical object in a carry-on bag being X-rayed at the security check area for concourses B and C, said airport spokesman Dennis Rosebrough.

Flights using those boarding areas were diverted to other places in the airport and passengers were evacuated from the B and C concourses. A bomb squad took the object, Rosebrough said.

The passenger in whose luggage the object was found was interrogated by police but was allowed to continue traveling, he said. The person was traveling with another passenger.

Rosebrough would not say what the suspicious object was.

"That part of the investigation is ongoing," he said.

No flights were canceled, but 14 were affected by the temporary closure. By about 3:30 p.m., Rosebrough said, the airport was operating as usual.