Going 360 with Surveillance at Las Vegas's CircusCircus Casino

RESTON, Va. - IPIX Corporation (NASDAQ:IPIX), a premier supplier of 360-degree, immersive imaging technologies, announced today it has completed installation of its surveillance equipment in the CircusCircus Las Vegas Hotel Resort and Casino.

CircusCircus's Slots-A-Fun casino has many low ceilings and obstructions from slot machines that Security Director Conrad Steffen said makes customer tracking "a real nightmare." He turned to IPIX reseller Sentry 360 for a solution.

"Because of the all-important after-the-fact tracking capability of the IPIX cameras, we estimate that the IPIX camera gives us about an 8-to-1 efficiency improvement over traditional point, tilt and zoom cameras," Steffen said. "IPIX's surveillance technology has improved security at CircusCircus and ended up being a very good and cost-effective security solution for us."

Clara Conti, President and Chief Executive Officer of IPIX, said the gaming industry is an important growth area in the surveillance industry.

"The current security environment requires more advanced security solutions and IPIX offers valuable tools that the gaming industry is beginning to utilize to reduce crime," Conti said. "We are delighted with the success we have achieved at CircusCircus."

About IPIX

IPIX Corporation is a premium provider of immersive imaging products for government and commercial applications. We combine experience, patented technology and strategic partnerships to deliver visual intelligence solutions worldwide. Our immersive, 360-degree imaging technology has been used to create high-resolution digital still photography and video products for surveillance, visual documentation and forensic analysis. www.ipix.com.

About Sentry 360 Security

Sentry 360 Security is a leading supplier and system integrator of full 360-degree video surveillance technology serving the governmental and commercial markets. Using patented IPIX technology, Sentry 360 Security is the driving force not only in integration, but the distribution to large fortune 500 companies, as well as, mission critical governmental markets. Sentry 360 has integrated IPIX Network Camera line into an archived data storage solution or Network Video Recorder (NVR), to give the end user a complete solution that provides total and continuous situational awareness. Sentry 360 Security has a responsibility to awaken the world that the days of half measures in video surveillance technology are no longer, and that it is now time to have full 360-degrees of security. To learn more about Sentry 360 Security, please visit www.sentry360.com.