Methods and Products Employing Biometrics and Steganography

Patent Number 6804378
Issue Date 2004 10 12
Assignee Digimarc Corporation
Inventor(s) Rhoads, Geoffrey B.
State/Country OR
Title Methods and products employing biometrics and steganography

Abstract Digital or analog objects are steganographically encoded with plural bit digital data. The encoding may proceed with reference to biometric data, such as fingerprint or retinal scan data. One application of such technology is to encode identification documents, such as a drivers' licenses. The encoded data can later be decoded and used, e.g., for authentication purposes. Exmp. Claim 1 Ex Claim text A method comprising: receiving data related to a physical attribute of a person; and steganographically encoding plural-bits of information in an object using said data; wherein said encoding is detectable through computer analysis from visible light scan data corresponding to said object.