New Central Database of Alarm Ordinance and Dispatch Policies Planned

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has announced the establishment of a centralized national ordinance tracking database to provide standardized information on alarm ordinances and policies relating to the alarm industry. The Ordinance Tracking Information System (OTIS) is being developed through SIAC and will be launched in the first half of 2005.

"OTIS will be a research tool for alarm companies operating on the local, regional and national level," said SIAC Executive Director Stan Martin. "It will provide valuable information to law enforcement, policymakers, third party monitoring companies and proprietary providers such as State Farm, Auto Zone and Federal Express."

OTIS will give law enforcement comparative information on ordinances, particularly for cities of like size, for the purpose of developing and revising alarm ordinances. The information in the OTIS database will allow SIAC to give law enforcement and government agencies comprehensive information on ordinances, as well as the impact on public safety.

"The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is interested in accessing ordinance data for comparative purposes in the insurance industry," said Martin. "Insurance companies are concerned with the growing trend toward non-response to citizens' alarms by some jurisdictions and they have an ongoing need for information on non-response jurisdictions."

"Every alarm company has an obligation and responsibility to be familiar with ordinances and regulations in local jurisdictions," said Martin. "OTIS is a program that will bring all of our resources to a centralized database and ensure that the information is up to date and easily accessible."

SIAC initiated OTIS by bringing together representatives of the alarm industry to review the feasibility of creating a centralized database. The working group developed the initial protocols and will be working with the industry and law enforcement through the professional associations to finalize the project.