Industry seeks support for prioritized response from insurance companies

Looking to garner support for prioritized alarm response, an ad leading readers to view an online video that discusses how the technology can help insurers reduce their losses is being run this month in Insurance Journal and Claims Journal.

The video focuses on the theme of "Resurrecting loss control with a badge" and features National Insurance Crime Bureau COO James Schweitzer, Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald, president of National Sheriff’s Association, and Keith Jentoft, president of Videofied and co-chair of the CSAA Insurance Liaison Committee.

"Although we’re not an insurance company, and our insurance companies each do business a different way and could speak more to exactly what the impact of priority response might be on an insurers rates, generally speaking from our perspective, the more that can be done to prevent theft, prevent property crime ultimately should result in the consumer, the commercial business seeing a reduction in their insurance rates. Because ultimately it is about loss experience," Schweitzer says in the video. "If there are fewer losses the hope is that you would see a lower rate. Getting a response to a potential crime and having that officer respond in a more timely fashion, common sense would tell you you’re going to see more arrests and you’re going to see fewer crimes."

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