HID Global acquires EasyLobby

Access control products manufacturer HID Global announced Tuesday that it has acquired visitor management solutions provider EasyLobby. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Tony Ball, senior vice president of identity and access management at HID Global, the company saw the acquisition as a way to take advantage of the "untapped" visitor management market and link EasyLobby's software with its robust network of channel partners.

"The intent here is that by using this software and linking it into the access control system, we're able to provide a unique and compelling solution for visitor management and offering the more risk-appropriate credentials we're starting to see in the market place needing to be deployed," he said. Visitor management software has traditionally offered a badge or offered a sticky label or something of that nature, in the future we're going to see people wanting to receive other form factors to receive that identification, primarily a mobile device that will provide access to a secure building."

Ball said that HID plans to retain the EasyLobby brand and that the firm will be integrated into the company's identity and access management business.

"One of the strong overlaps and close fits of why this makes sense is that the EasyLobby customer base is almost a mirror image of that of the HID customer base. Already work has begun and we will look to accelerate that of integrating the EasyLobby software into the command and control systems of the access control OEMs," Ball explained.

In addition, Ball said that EasyLobby's personnel would be retained and that HID will also look to further invest in the company's team.

"What we're looking to do very quickly is begin to understand how we look to make that scalable from a localization perspective, adding people who are better educated, more familiar from an HID perspective with the product and to be able to localize that in the context of communications, support and indeed in the long term level, how the software adapts to those environments," Ball said.

Ball added that HID will continue to provide the superior level of customer support that EasyLobby customers have become accustomed to.

"We are truly excited by the opportunity," said Ball, discussing what the EasyLobby platform will bring to HID. "I think it's going to be groundbreaking in terms of what we can do and the speed with which we're going to make this fly."