Another Industry Player Makes an Appearance on 'It Takes a Thief'

Yet another top name in the security industry has made it to "It Takes a Thief," the American remake of a prior English TV show that tests the security of homeowners (and can create enough fear in homeowners to drive sales through the roof).

Dedicated Micros, maker of full-featured multiplexing DVRs and camera controls, is the latest company to announce that it will be featured on the show. Honeywell announced in March that its systems would be installed as part of the show.

According to Dedicated Micros, their Digital Sprite 2 product, which merges digital multiplexing, recording, multiple-user networking viewing, dome control and audio, will be used in an upcoming episode of "It Takes a Thief" that involves a jewelry auctioneer who brings his work -- i.e., his jewelry -- home.

The show, scheduled to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. EST on May 25, 2005, tends to follow the following plot line:

In typical episodes, the program starts off with the homeowners touring their house and discussing their valuables. Then, a "reformed" thief is brought in to show how insecure the existing house is. Using video recording, the thief's break-in (which is real, and ends up with the broken glass and emptied cupboards mess that occurs during a real residential break-in) is used to assess weaknesses of the security system, and then security experts come in to load up the house will simple fixes (e.g., item visibility, lights) and technology fixes (like the Dedicated Micros recording system).