Juveniles Charged in Alleged Plot to Bomb Utah School

VERNAL, Utah (AP) -- Two juveniles have been charged with felonies, accused of working with two others on a plot to bomb Uintah High School.

The boys, both 16, were charged Tuesday in juvenile court with making terroristic threats, burglary, attempted vehicle theft and criminal mischief.

They joined two other men who have been charged as adults in the case, Steven Kunzler, 18, and Todd Goodrich, 18.

Uintah County sheriff's officials said the four teens were plotting to kill fellow students, teachers and administrators as well as their own parents.

Investigators said they discovered ``hit lists'' naming at least 10 victims, but the suspects also planned to detonate an explosive device in the school's ``commons'' area where it would have the most impact, according to charges filed against the 18-year-olds.

One of the teens also said he planned to use a firearm to shoot students.

The plan was stopped before the teens were able to get all the materials they needed, officials said.

School officials have been trying to reassure jittery parents.

``I had one mother come in and visit me before I came to work this morning,'' Uintah County School Board member and County Commissioner Mike McKee said. ``She just wanted a little extra assurance that everything was safe and, of course, that's reasonable.''