Snocone Gets into Video-to-Mobile-Phone Business

Snocone Systems has purchased rights to RISKebiz's mobile viewing and surveillance technology, RISKeye.

The RISKeye technology allows for CCTV and webcam camera video to be monitored on cell phone using the WAP 2.0 browser from Openwave, which is considered to be "widely used."

The RISKeye technology allows users to zoom in on specific images or objects without the data losing clarity, by using a grid pattern on the video.

The current agreement gives Snocone Systems full rights to market, publish, advertise and promote the RISKeye system. Snocone says that it will contract with RISKebiz to perform adjustments, service and upgrades to the technology.

The technology can be used by consumers viewing residential cameras or webcams, as well as by security professionals who can review video while on guard tour. The technology is expected also to have uses within the law enforcement community. The system may also have consumer entertainment options with streaming video.