Boon Edam Acquires Tomsed

Royal Boon Edam Group Holding BV announced that it has reached an agreement with the shareholders of the TOMSED Corporation of Lillington, North Carolina, USA for Royal Boon Edam Group Holding BV (BEGH) to acquire 100 percent of TOMSED including its business units, Safesec and Intertex Barriers and Booths (IBB).

TOMSED Corp., a family run business, started business in 1981 and has become the largest supplier of entrance barriers to the US market. Safesec, acquired by TOMSED in 2003, is a significant supplier of security revolving doors in Nrth America and IBB, acquired by TOMSED at the end of 2004, is a manufacturer of high security Department of State approved vehicular barriers and gates.

The business activities of Boon Edam Inc, the largest supplier of revolving doors in the USA will be merged into TOMSED Corp, which will be renamed Boon Edam Tomsed Inc. Robert Sedivy, the current President and CEO of TOMSED Corp becomes the President and CEO of Boon Edam Tomsed Inc.

Royal Boon Edam's Group Managing Director, Nick Kersey said "besides giving the group a substantial increase in our business platform in the US with a combined operation of over $30 million, the Boon Edam Group will also provide a valuable export outlet for both TOMSED's products and IBB's vehicular barriers and gates. We believe this to be a very exciting development for the Boon Edam Group and for TOMSED, not only in the USA but also worldwide and we look forward to sharing this experience with all of our employees and customers."