Synergetic Technologies Acquires 80 Percent Ownership of Advent Technologies

Synergetic Technologies Inc. has announced that the company has invested heavily in Murray, Utah digital video company Advent Technologies Inc. The investment forms a merger, which is now complete. Synergetic Technologies announces that new officers and directors have been named. R. Casey Hall has been named chairman of the board of directors and president. Jim Morgan was selected to fill the secretary treasurer position. The former board of directors for Advent has resigned and Synergetic says that a new board will be appointed in the near future.

Advent Technologies is a product developer for the digital video in the security industry. The company?s primary technology compresses digital video at high rates, and is available to dealers and installers working for all-size commercial security accounts.

The compression technology is designed to allow real-time video surveillance to be recorded and stored at ?higher than normal volumes,? with compression as low as .5k per frame per second. According to the company, an earlier version of this technology was used by the Secret Service during the 2002 Winter Olympics to perform surveillance on President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The system allows one DVR to run up to 48 full-color cameras in a real-time format, with high quality resolution that matches DVD quality, storing 30 frames per second on each channel, and with a potential 48 audio channels.