Viisage Lands Four Pacts for Driver's License Security

BILLERICA, Mass. -- Viisage said it has won four state contracts to provide security features to driver's licenses.

The contracts with Wisconsin, Maryland and two unnamed states total $10.9 million. Viisage provides technology to identification document producers in 15 states, eight of which use the company's face-recognition technology.

Massachusetts, which on Wednesday unveiled a new driver's license with increased features to prevent identity theft, does not use Viisage or any other type of face-recognition technology.

Viisage will provide secure drivers licenses to the state of Wisconsin under a five-year, $7 million contract. The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles extended by two years a contract with Viisage through Hewlett-Packard, a $2 million project for driver's licenses and IDs.

Two states, which remain anonymous for security reasons, awarded Viisage contracts totaling $1.91 million for the company's face-recognition technology to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Viisage recently acquired Bedford, N.H.-based Imaging Automation for about $30 million. Imaging Automation makes technology for authenticating documents, which Viisage uses in its Viisage "PROOF" product.

Formed 10 years ago to make face-recognition software, Viisage has been working to expand its focus to include various methods of identity verifications, including face recognition, according to Vice President of Marketing John Dorr.