Kontek Industries to Create Perimeter Security Program for Missouri Air Base

Kontek Industries announced this morning that the company has recently received a contract from Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson County, Mo., to create the lead guardhouse for access and egress to the base.

According to Kontek, the guardhouse will feature a bullet-resistant, steel-frame exterior with ID check points, and will also ecompass removable bollards and smart-gate vehicle barriers

Last year the company provided 1,500 modular blast barriers to the Air Froce Electronic Systems Centers's Force Protection Command and Control Program Office.

The work at Whiteman AFB will protect operations of the 509th Bomb Wing, which operates the famed B-2 bomber program. Kontek itself is a Missouri company, located in New Madrid, and has become certified and pre-screened for these and other military security contracts. The company has worked with other military installations and nuclear facilities.