AXCESS Announces Professional Services for Active RFID Systems

AXCESS International, a provider and manufacturer of active RFID technology, has formed the company's Professional Services group to assist integrators and customers with technical expertise on RFID designa nd implementation.

Axcess anounced that it will offer a full-range of RFID services, from design to installation support and even trouble-shooting. The company stated that the offerings would include "site surveys, architectural design, engineering consulting, custom configuration and installation support." The company has already used its expertise as an integrator's partner for several recent projects.

"There is an essential need to provide integrators with the necessary skill-set support for successfully implementing active RFID," said Ben Donohue, vice president of business development for AXCESS, in a statement to the media. "Our goal is to provide our RFID expertise to the integrators so they can seamlessly install Active RFID solutions with rapid integration and increased satisfaction for their customers."