NICET Launches Certification Program for Video Techs and Designers

Alexandria, Va. - Technicians and designers working with video security systems are now being recruited to be among the first in their industry to showcase their professional competency by embarking on a new series of certification tests that can make them eligible to achieve "Certification by NICET."

NICET, the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, announced the launch of the first two exams in April ' Video Security System Technician Level I Certification by NICET and Video Security System Technician Level II beta exam. These initial segments of a new series of certification testing procedures will build to four levels of professional certification for video security systems technicians and a two-tiered certification program for video security systems designers.

"This new family of six certifications forms a professional career path for video security systems technicians and designers by taking the industry knowledge and expertise that they use everyday on their jobs and using it to demonstrate their competency by earning Certification by NICET," said Brian Gifford, manager of certification development for NICET.

The new program, developed in partnership with the Security Industry Association (SIA) has completed beta testing for the first of four levels of technician certification. The Level I Technician certification is being completely implemented in April and that means video security system installers with three months of experience can quickly move through the certification process, which includes computer-based testing at more than 300 test centers conveniently located in cities throughout the United States, where appointments may be made for any business day the candidate is ready to sit for the exam.

The Video Security Systems Technician Level II examination will be in beta testing the entire month of April and comes with a one-time-only offer from NICET to waive the $180 test fee for the first 100 technicians who apply and qualify for the exam. This beta exam counts and technicians who pass it (and who also pass the Level I exam) will be eligible to have their work experience evaluated as part of the certification-confirmation process. After the beta test period, the Level II examination will officially launch nationwide in July and will require a $180 payment with the application.

The two additional levels of technician certification and the two levels of designer certification will complete pilot test phases and formal launches later this year and into 2006.

"Now video security firms and employers have a new tool to use in marketing the ability and competency of their people to meet the ever-increasing standards and professional demands of this rapidly-expanding service industry," Gifford said.

Designers, technicians and their employers who want to know more about how to get in on the ground floor of this new and valuable certification program can go online to To get the Level II Technician application go to, complete it and send it to NICET for immediate consideration and notification that you or the technicians in your company get the guarantee for one of the 100 first seats for the exam at NICET's expense.

After beta testing and the nationwide launch, fees for each of the six exams in the video security systems group will be $180 per exam, which includes evaluation of work experience.

In addition to SIA, support in the development and planning for these exams over the last three years has come from the National System Contractors Association, PSA Security Network, plus member company support from Pelco, Bosch, and Tyco Life Safety Products.

NICET's mission is to be an independent, internationally-recognized evaluator of technical knowledge and experience among those working in the fields of engineering technology. Through certification, NICET defines and supports career paths and ensures recognition and continued professional development of engineering technicians. SIA and other membership associations collaborate with NICET to enhance the qualifications of technicians and designers in the security industry by promoting access to training and other resources that employees and business owners need to achieve Certification by NICET.