Whitepaper: Surveillance on the Move

Cisco Connected Car with wireless Milestone IP video surveillance demonstrates new technology for first responders on the move

Milestone XProtect Enterprise Remote Client and PDA Client software handles the video images from network cameras, with one camera installed in the car and others in hospitals or fire/police stations, for example. Milestone software's open architecture and APIs (Application Program Interfaces) also allow integration with other systems' data for combined viewing and analysis. The Cisco Connected Car uses an IBM T20 laptop with Microsoft Windows XP and a Fujitsu/Siemens Pocket LOOX PC with Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003, both with the Milestone software installed for viewing images.

The Cisco Connected Car that will be demonstrated throughout the year is a Volvo V70 using two SONY network cameras, SNCP1 and SNCRZ30N, in conjunction with the Cisco Wireless and Mobile Router and Milestone XProtect Enterprise Remote Client and PDA Client IP video surveillance software. Any emergency vehicle and number of network cameras can be used in future applications of the solution, with a wide choice of hardware models since XProtect Enterprise supports over 80 different models.

Find out more at www.cisco.com/go/connectedcar and www.milestonesys.com.

To read the factsheet with technical specifications on the solution go to www.milestonesys.com/usrImages/PDFs/CiscoCar_Factsheet.pdf.