New Panasonic Technology Makes Cameras Intelligent

Panasonic Security Systems broke the news this morning that the division has launched a new product line-up which employs advanced intelligent video surveillance technology.

The company's new "Intelligent Technology" solution, using Panasonic's revolutionary Super Dynamic III (SDIII) camera technology, was unveiled this morning at a press conference in Manhattan by Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA) President Frank DeFina. DeFina said the new products combine a newly designed CCD and a powerful digital signal processing (DSP) system for added video performance.

"SDIII allows cameras to continuously adjust themselves in direct response to a wide range of conditions. In essence, the cameras 'think for themselves,'" explained DeFina.

The announcement of the SDIII technology was in concert with Panasonic Security Systems' introduction of a new color dome and a new series of color fixed cameras that are the company's first products to incorporate the new technology.

At the press conference, DeFina alluded to the forthcoming introduction of more products featuring the new technology, adding that other products are in the "latter stages of development."