Japanese FSA Reluctant to Lead in Standardizing Biometrics

TOKYO -- Financial Services Agency Commissioner Hirofumi Gomi expressed reluctance Monday to meddle in the banking industry to formulate standardizations for biometrics technologies to counter cash card forgery.

"I think it will go too far for the FSA to take the lead in the standardization," Gomi said during a news conference. "Decisions by individual financial institutions should come first."

Gomi said that basically it is a matter of each financial institution making a decision on its own based on customer needs.

In the face of growing cash card forgery, some banks have already introduced biometrics to prevent such crimes, but they are roughly divided into two groups over the methodology -- using the palms of hands or tips of fingers.

Denying the possibility that the financial regulator will instruct the banking industry to adopt a certain type of biometrics, Gomi nevertheless said the agency may coordinate discussions among financial institutions and provide advice.