ATM Surveillance Camera Catches Photo of Suspects in Three Texas Home Invasions

Colleyville police received tips from residents throughout the day Wednesday about three home invasions Monday night, but no one was arrested.

Police were investigating whether the robberies were connected to a home invasion and an assault in Coppell.

"We're receiving calls from our citizens about suspicious activities, and we're investigating those as they come in," Colleyville police officer Bill Hudgins said.

In Coppell, investigators continued to analyze a photograph of a car that may have been used by robbers in the home invasion and the assault there and in the home invasions in Colleyville.

The photo was from a surveillance camera at an ATM in Coppell, where police believe robbers withdrew money using a bank card stolen in the Coppell home invasion, according to police reports.

"They're trying to get a better description of the vehicle," said Sharon Logan, a spokeswoman for Coppell.

The photo shows a compact car, but police didn't have a more detailed description.

A woman was assaulted by two men late Monday several minutes after the home invasion in Coppell, according to police reports.

Investigators believe the men may be the same ones who slipped into three houses in Colleyville on Monday night and took an undisclosed amount of money and property.

"It may be a part of a bigger problem, and then again it may be an isolated incident," Hudgins said.

Two men, displaying handguns, walked into three Colleyville homes, on St. Albans Circle, Overhill Drive and Balmoral Drive.

The men first robbed two homes -- on Overhill Drive and St. Albans Circle -- in southeast Colleyville.

During the robbery on St. Albans Circle, a robber kicked the family dog across the living room after it barked and nipped at him. Josephine, a miniature pinscher who weighs less than 10 pounds, suffered a compound fracture and underwent surgery Wednesday. Her leg was saved from amputation, and the dog will be able to walk.

The two men then followed a doctor and his family into their garage in northeast Colleyville. They put guns to the heads of the man and his wife while the couple's two daughters sat, terrified, in the back seat of the car.

No shots were fired in the Colleyville or Coppell cases. These were the first home invasions in Colleyville in seven years, police said.

"It's a whole new arena for us to have that much violent crime in one night. We normally