Warren Co., Ky., Likely to Implement New Alarm Ordinance

Warren County, Kentucky has delayed plans to charge an annual alarm permitting fee and to create a fine-based system for false alarms after a meeting by the Warren County Fiscal Court.

However, discussions between city magistrates and county's fire chiefs, the proposal may come back soon.

The county's proposed ordinance, which would only apply to unincorporated parts of the county, is modeled after Bowling Green, where false alarms are fined, with $25 charges for any more than five false alarms each year. The current proposal in Warren County allows for an initial registration of $10 and $5 annual renewals. The first two false alarms would not be fined, but the third would cost $25, and the fourth $50. Fifth and sixth would again cost $50 each, and the seventh -- or additional -- false alarms would cost $100 in fines each time. The proposal also allows for recovery of response costs.

The proposal would give a grace period for 30 days after the installation of a new alarm for the homeowner to learn the system and adjust the sensitivity.