Daring Court Escape Forces Security Review in Michigan Town

Two escapes in less than one week prompt procedural review

"I'm just real, real glad that they didn't shoot him," he said. "I had a feeling the way they were talking on TV that they might. They had scared my brother, telling him that this was a homicide case. He was scared to death, and he ran."

A woman who also identified herself as a relative, said she was concerned about his safety in jail and that the family was "praying for him." She said that she would do "everything to see he gets a fair shake." People who work at businesses near the courthouse were glad to hear that the four had been captured. A Charter One bank was locked after the escapes, as was a Subway sandwich shop and a State Farm insurance agency.

"The next thing you know there was a million cops here, and they told us to lock the door," said Tom Byarski, a State Farm sales manager.

Another nearby business owner, Greg Kosch, said he heard someone pounding on a door at his Lafayette Grande Traveling Chef Catering business just after the escapes, in an unsuccessful attempt to break in.

Kosch said one of the fugitives was later found huddled under some nearby steps.

"It looked like he didn't sleep in days," Kosch said. As police closed in, Kosch added, "he looked frightened."

New escape and assault charges are likely for all four.