SIAC Gives Director's Award to Georgia Police Chief

The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police took home an award from SIAC. The SIAC Director's Award was awarded to the Georgia Chiefs organization as a way of thanking them for spearheading a bipartisan effort to address the issue of false alarms.

The Georgia Chiefs, to address the continued problem of false alarms, have established an Alarm Management Committee to address the issue and find solutions. The committee pulls in voices from across the community and includes members from both the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Georgia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

The award was presented to Georgia Chiefs President Lou Dekmar, Chief of the the La Grange, Ga., Police Department and to Alarm Management Committee Chair Chief Stacey Cotton, from the Covington, Ga., Police Department. Glen Mowrey, the National Law Enforcement liaison for SIAC, was on hand to present the award during Georgia Chiefs annual conference, which was held in Savannah.