Updating the Alarm Ordinance in Shreveport, La.

The police in Shreveport, La., are getting fed up with responding to false alarms.

While the city's response numbers aren't high compared to larger cities -- Shreveport P.D. responded to 6,350 alarms last year, 85 percent of which were false calls -- the city is nonetheless finding itself taxed by the responses.

After hearing from the police, Shreveport City Councilman Monty Walford is proposing a new ordinance to deal with burglar and fire alarms at area businesses and residences.

According to a report in The Shreveport Times newspaper, Walford's proposed ordinance would start with a warning for the first false alarm in a year, then increase from $25 for the second false alarm to $500 for the seventh and additional false alarms.

But the proposed ordinance won't just affect alarm owners. Alarm monitoring companies would be able to contact the alarm owner, and, if the alarm is determined false, can call to cancel police response.

If passed, the alarm ordinance may also hit alarm companies' pocket books, too. While fines would be applied to alarm owners in case of negligent use of the system, if the city decides that the false alarm came about due to service, repairs or installation of the alarm system, the alarm company would be assessed the fee.

Another City Councilman, Mike Gibson, has proposed the formation of a committee of interested individuals, including representatives from the city, alarm dealers, police, businesses and residential customers to discuss the proposed ordinance and revise it before it is presented to the Council.