Ottawa to Announce Sweeping Security Changes to Fend off Terrorism

OTTAWA -- Federal Transport Minister Jean Lapierre is expected to announce sweeping security upgrades Friday to protect Canadians from terrorism in the wake of the London bombings, CTV News reported Thursday.

The government is considering installing surveillance cameras in all subways and buses in major cities, adding more dirty-bomb detection devices at ports, implementing eye scans of frequent airline travelers, and more carefully monitoring hazardous cargo moved by rail or truck.

Airline passengers may also be asked to carry smaller, standardized bags on board.

Ottawa is also expected to step up security checks of people working near waterfronts and at airports, and truckers hauling dangerous goods.

"The way to deal with them is to do the background checks, to get proper passes, and to make sure that the police know who's there," Senator Colin Kelly of the Senate Security and Intelligence Committee told CTV.

Ottawa also plans to screen all air cargo, including mail.

"No one is checking the mail that is going on our aircraft into Canada today," Kelly said.