New Jersey Program Allows Gamblers to Bar Themselves

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- The number of people who have registered themselves with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission's self-exclusion program has surpassed 400, the CCC said.

Established in 2001, the program is meant to help compulsive gamblers stay out of casinos. They can bar themselves for a minimum of one year, for five years or for life.

Upon registering, they must provide the state with a photograph and other relevant information.

That is then shared with the casinos who, in turn, are supposed to remove the names of self-excluded gamblers from their mailing lists and bar them from receiving complimentary tickets, meals or casino credit. If the person decides to gamble anyway, money won can be forfeited to the state.

Linda M. Kassekert, who chairs the commission, said Wednesday that 407 gamblers have signed up for the voluntary program as of this week. Fifty people who signed up for a one-year ban have asked to be removed from the list, she said.

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