Rules Limit Detectives on Residential Burglaries under $25,000 in Philadelphia

Uniformed officers now required to respond, detectives say that standard officers will miss details, not be as thorough

If necessary, said Fox, a "clarification" would be issued to make it clear that the Detective Bureau remains primarily responsible for burglaries.

Statistics supplied by the city to the FBI show that the clearance rate for burglary is the lowest for any major crime, with fewer than 15 percent of the cases being cleared.

"The investigation begins at the scene, and if I'm not at the scene, I can't tell what's happening," said a veteran detective.

"If they're going to make me responsible for clearing a case, I need to be there from the start.

"I don't want to have to clean up after a uniformed guy goes in there with his Sirchie fingerprint kit."