ADT Clinches Deal for Security Upgrade at Ireland's Port of Cork

SECURITY specialist ADT has signed a contract to provide a significant security upgrade at the Irish port of Cork, writes David Osler.

Work on the deal, estimated to be EUR 0.5-EUR 1.0m ($0.6-$1.2m), began in June and is likely to be completed shortly.

Central to the improvements is a CCTV system, permitting access control operation from a central point.

Access gates to berths can be controlled remotely from the control centre via fibre optic cables.

Point-to-point microwave links between cameras allows them to be controlled from up to two miles away.

Vehicle number plate recognition technology allows for more detailed scrutiny of movements at the port.

According ADT, the security needs of Cork will now be met for the next decade.

All of the system will be fully integrated with the existing computer set up, with ADT Europe managing both the engineering and electrical aspects of the project.

Cork handles over 3,000 ships carrying more than 10m tonnes of cargo each year, valued in excess of EUR 35bn.

Deputy chief executive and harbour master Pat Farnan said: 'The ability to manage this development as the sole contractor for all of the engineering and electrical work was a key factor in awarding this project.'